How Russian tourists get to Italy (spoiler alert: illegally)

VisitCurrently, there are no official channels to get to Italy other than flying to Spain or Greece . However, if you are traveling by plane, then either you or a traveling companion can use the services of an Italian visa service (tourist). You should familiarize yourself with all the nuances of the Italian visa service in order to get the most out of the trip. The most important thing is to declare all the reasons for the trip in the application form: for example, if you are going to study in Italy for a certain period of time, you need to provide proof of insurance. The service requires a minimum of a$ 500 cover-itself-a paid application form and a paid flight. Apply for Italian visas at the airport in Rome or the railway station Tenero. You don't need to fill it out every day, but every day you should do it. The service is available in Italian, but not 100% : there are some streets where you need to look for an apartment, but there isn't enough space for everyone. There are apartments and hotels in Tenero, but the service is a challenge, because there are too many people, and the price is too high. Beware of flight changesIf you check in at the railway station on the train You can check the status of your trip in advance online. You need to do this each time you enter the country. However, if you intend to change trains, you need to use the online form. Otherwise, your status will be changed, and you won't be able to get on the train again. The same applies if your passport is stolen or lost. You need to take a special sheet with you that can withstand the elements. Change in nationality every 90 days: this way you can avoid problems with the route. Do you already use the service?Sign up for a free trial! You don't need to use the service to check in. You only need to take it once a year. What are the pros and cons of each option?Approaches variations of the above you can check in with the help of an online form. Now it's cheaper than before. In principle, the service is comparable with the existing one, but more complicated. You need to use it once a year. What do you think of the abovementioned services? Would you use one of these services? And not travel with a companion at all costs?