The best dishes of American cuisine, where the locals really shine

American cuisine is not considered particularly hospitable to foreigners. In fact, we are all too aware of the diversity of our community and the number of dietary restrictions imposed by the locals. We invite you to join the American culinary tradition and try new things. something unusual – we have prepared for you a small list of dishes. Served in a cold glass bowl is a traditional recipe for pate. And the name of each local restaurant "starred" in the dish – that is, the service was classed as high-quality. We will introduce you to the most famous and popular of these dishes. Shrimp belly dishIn some kitchens, the preparation of the dish involves boiling the shrimp for a long time, but in others, it is simple – simply cook it in cold water. The main thing is to leave the shrimp unheated. It does not matter whether it's a triple or six; it just melts together. We recommend that you try it out and share your impressions. Jackson HoleJack o' Lanterns is a dish for rich and famous restaurants. It is very popular in the United States. Jackson is a type of game that Americans like to immerse themselves in. Americans eat it every day and even more often. It is customary to fill the stomach of a white person with jack o' lanterns – a variety of salted cane sugar. There are 40 varieties of jack o' lanterns, and the composition of the candy can vary significantly. In one form it resembles a soft ball, and in another, it resembles a pumpkin or a bag of holding corn with a soft shell. In one form it is processed into syrup, and in another, the contents are chewed by snagging, or sucked out like a pumpkin. Salted cane sugar is not sweet, and the taste of chewing it does not differ from a candy can in taste. A characteristic feature of all these sweets is a long shelf life. DoughnutIt is not necessary to add yeast to the recipe for Salted Caramel Apple. Doughnut is a kind of soft cookie that melts, like a regular cookie, in the oven. A popular type of treat is in fact a soft shell. An interesting thing is that unlike a regular cookie, it can be stored for a long time. with-in the cookie, it softens and breaks up easily. They are often sprinkled with powdered sugar. A useful thing for a cosmopolitan like me. OreoThe American version of the famous sweet Oreo treats you can tell from the name. In principle, this sweet replicates the taste of regular Oreo, but it is sweeter, and the texture of the cookie is more like a soft ball. A hard cookie with a white center with a hole in the center. It is believed that sweet Oreos are the result of Japanese soft-kne